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The big challenge of today is balancing cost and efficiency against output.

Between the raft of energy saving legislation, green initiatives and carbon levies businesses are now having to make more and more commercial decisions based on the efficiency of their operations. The question is how do you measure efficiency?
DCLG implemented a measure to track efficiency in the form of the display energy certificate (DEC). This is aimed at public buildings as a mandatory measure but as yet DCLG have not opened this up to the wider commercial audience. The DEC enables the user to benchmark their buildings’ operational energy use and co2 density based on recognised commercial benchmarks provided by CIBSE. The benchmark is the holy grail of energy efficiency auditing as how else do you know whether your building is being operated efficiently. You may have the latest energy saving measures in place but your operational management of the building may let you down. You only know this if you benchmark your building’s efficiency.

eCount is an innovative web based tool which can provide building user’s with a snap shot view of how efficiently they operate their building. eCount achieves this by providing a visual journey of Energy reduction and carbon emissions.
The software is based on the tried and tested government approved software, Lifespan DEC. This has already been used by a number of satisfied customers who have found it both simple and effective.

eCount Benefits at a glance:

• increases user awareness by providing a simple easy to understand energy rating for each building
• provides year on year simple analysis of improvements achieved by staff and managers
• allows companies to compare buildings internally either by region, manager or specific grouping
• simple energy reduction strategies can be implemented to achieved grade improvements and projected using eCount
• Increases visibility and responsibility of individuals to reduce energy usage
• Provides managers with national, regional and specific data on energy usage, cost and co2 emissions

• Supports new compliance requirements for the mandatory Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme due in 2015. recognised and accepted by CIBSE
• Is Display Energy Certificate ready
• Low cost method of managing building managers’ co2 emissions
• Supports CSR with key external statements on the group portfolio by providing metrics such as Co2 and cost per m2 or mean values for the group
• Evidences commitment to environmental and social responsibility